Is any other company interested in being a vendor at this great event? I'm experiencing quite a challenge trying to get information about being an international vendor, which takes time and planning. Can anyone help our company? John


Hey John,

PlayUlty.Com might be there as well. Please post a reply to this thread if you find out any more information on vending @ the event. We'll do the same.


- Seppo

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Players pack

G'day everyone.

Instead of making a new topic I'll just post my question in here.

Does anyone have any idea what will be in the players pack?
I hope there is a Ultimate pendant...


player package

you'll be getting a Guts disc, i'm pretty sure...

Players Pack

I'm interested in the content of the Player's pack, too... some info would help greatly so that I don't end up bringing something with me that I'm going to get a duplicate of when I arrive!


Wayne 'Wrecker' Retter
#2 GB Masters

player's pack

We've asked that to the organizers and they said it's going to be a bag full with goodies. That's as much as I know!


Is there any online detail of the tournament merchandise available? Several people that are staying home are interested in having stuff brought back for them... but don't know what will be available.

Wayne 'Wrecker' Retter
#2 GB Masters

GAIA is the official

GAIA is the official tournament merchandiser. I'm going to go with the assumption that they will have the goods of hoodies, longsleeves, short sleeves and potentially shorts as well. Discs too. Hope that helps!

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