Aussie Junior Women Silver Medallists!!

Well done to all the girls. We are really proud of your efforts. It has been a huge week and to play in the final was an outstanding result. Have loved seeing all the photos and videos of your games. The photo coverage (by Dave) of the game against Colombia was fantastic.
Congratulations to all of you but especially to Ellie.
from Judy in Warragul


Congratulations to you all....... we are rrrrealllly proud of our Aussie girls, coach AND ASSISTANT COACH.
Well done KP (Mags/Karen xxxMum & Dad). We are so glad that you have all achieved to the level that you did. Enjoy your celebrations!
Roma & Doug Mingenew WA
To the Mixed.... also Congratulations! Another wonderful achievement.
(Lee - great stuff!x R &D)

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